About Us

The number of Nepalese immigrants is increasing at a remarkable rate in the multicultural country of Australia day by day. They hope to get a high-quality education, employment, and a secured future. With the emergence of the new community, social activities are also on the rise, which are more trans-nationalistic. In this context, we feel proud to inform you that Nepal News Australia, a complete Nepalese community magazine, came into publication in April 2013 from Sydney, focusing on disseminating accurate, balanced, and credible news of the community to the wider society.

Few energetic and enthusiastic persons have played a significant role in bringing this magazine to the current matured stage. The contributions made by Mr. Pradip Dhakal, Founder/Publisher (April 2013-January 2015), Mr. Madhav Gairhe, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Krishna Tiwari, Founder/Editor, and Mr. Yogendra Bista, Founder/Associate Editor, can hardly be forgotten. Likewise, Mr. Kom Khatri, Mr. Krishna Gaire, Mr. Hemanta Kafle, Mr. Dilli Ram Dhakal, and Mr. Bishnu Rimal have contributed in their full capacity to nurture this magazine.

Freedom, ethics, and social responsibilities are an integral part of journalism. Our effort will always remain to respect these aspects. We assure you that we will continue our unflinching effort to cover the news and views of the people’s interest in the community and play a lead role in raising the Nepalese diaspora’s status in the wider society.

This online news portal Nepalnewsaustralia.com.au, run under Pacific International Media Group Pty. Ltd, will bring the activities of the Nepali community and other communities to the readers according to the Australian law, embracing the international value and recognition of journalism. This newsportal, which has been launched by a communicator who has a special interest in the field of journalism, wants to make the readers believe that accuracy, balance and credibility will be the main mantra to carry forward the work of news communication effectively through writing and audio-visual.

Every Nepali activity in Australia and the economic, social, political, development and other activities of the native Nepal will be brought to you through this news portal as news and ideas. We believe that your support, harmony, and invaluable suggestions will always be there to fulfill our resolve to publish news in a true, factual and balanced manner.

We will never forget the belief that the media should play an effective role in building public support and public opinion for the benefit of the nation and community. We want to promise that we will continue our sincere efforts in the campaign to establish Nepal news australia as an integral part of our society by making this business, which comes with independence and self-discipline, more responsive to the society, giving high priority to the content and content according to the interest and demand of the readers.